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A Special Night  

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My feeling is complicated tonight. It is the 2nd OC of this year and it is a day of my resignation.  

It took me days to decide if I really want to resign in this semester or to stay for one more year. After all, I have left SICA for a year and I should serve her for a little more time. However, when I think of my SICA friends, the most treasurable ones, who are all leaving in the coming semester, I cannot find any reason to stay either.

Originally, I don't have much feeling of my resignation because I am still in PKU in the coming year. During the OC, I was still joking and playing with other old Sicaer. I could not feel a bit of sadness. Even after the OC, when the 10 ( + Winnie) China-US relations delegates finally got a time for reunion, I was still very high playing "killer" in a restaurant called "Typhoon Shelter", which was a place I watched the 2006 World Cup with Jeremy during the exam mid-nights. See, how crazy we was (watching soccer in a restaurant outside the campus during the exam period until 3am or so)!

When I left the taxi and walked back to my dormitory alone, I started to feel the emptiness. And when I went back to my room after bathing, I saw Jeremy's sms, and at that very moment I really can't control my feeling. I do want to thank Jeremy. He is really a special friend to me as I have said in the last post. We have been partners since 2005 (year one 2nd semester) and we have been working together in ICF (the one unsuccessful due to political reason and postponed half a year later and it was a great success finally), HCAP in Beijing group leaders, brainstorming of kind of Boao youth conference (originally we wanted to organzie a conference which is lead by PKU and we invite many top universities all over the world to disucss Asia issues in PKU, but...), something about raising sponsors in a English Organization, China-US Relations Conference, etc...... Though working together for a long time, our friendship had been in a crisis for a period of time. Until now, I can't really figure out why he could be so angry at that time, but maybe that's his character and I don't really have to know the answer. Actually I learned a lot from him over these years. Because of him, I know what is meant by cleverness and passionate. His true character also gained him a lot of friendships and valuable chances (although put him into a lot of trouble as well, but it really worth).

Winnie, my best partner and friend in IR or HR (whatever you like to call it) was here today as well. She is of my same year, but it was me who interviewed her three years ago. She is a smart girl and a really good friend as I mentioned in the last post as well. We built our IR / HR department together. We interviewed our members together. We held meetings together. We designed our Boao youth conference together (though unsuccessful at that time...). To say the truth, I was really relieved to hear her working in Beijing in the coming year. If not, I do not know how I could spend my days during my last year of PKU. She is always a good listener and a wonderful friend. I am so happy to know her stay! During our times working together, Winnie showed her special and precious character too, as she is always so caring and sensitive. Knowing her and becoming her friend is one of the most amazing things in my life!

 Regina, yes, although not of my same year, but we hanged out together just like we are of the same age (normally, those elder ones are not that easy going). Maybe it’s because Singaporean and Hong Kongers do have a lot in common. I remember that I requested her and Jeremy to pick me up in Beijing Airport (as I had a lot of luggage), and we ate supper in a café that night, chatting without knowing time flew. Regina is a girl with courage and determination. However, she does not lose her feminine character as other super-women always do. She is a person with “small heart” and strong observation, always knowing what to say to make others feel better and make the situation smoother. It is not exaggerate to say she is actually my role model, a girl and leader that I admire.

And Xupang! I don’t really know when she named herself Lindsay. But anyway, I still love to call her Xupang. Xupang is a very easy going person and she is so true. All her feelings and beliefs could be found on her face and she just can’t hide it. You can understand what the meaning of life adoration is from her. She is a typical person who knows how to work hard and play hard. I admire her willpower . Xupang and I become friends when we went to Laoshe Tea House with those Harvard students (I know her before I decided to enter PKU. It is she who introduced the extra-ordinary colorful PKU life to me, as a SICAer at that time.). As what I remember, Xupang lost her voice on that day and the two of us were sitting next to each other and enjoying the show (I did not accompany the Americans because there were 2 other SICAers who were from Beijing who could understand more Beijing traditional performance more than I did). Although she lost her voice, but she still patiently explained the story for me with a good sense of humor. Since that very day, we have become very good friends and always chat on msn. I really miss her. Once again, I admire her will. Her will drives her to Upenn. Her will would lead her to strive for her dream.

Besides mentioning those partners and workmates, maybe it’s also necessary to name my bosses and seniors who guided me and taught me in the past four years.

Guanle, my boss in PR, is a person known for exceptional abilities. When I was in year one and I was still a naïve little girl, he told me the importance of “trust”. Trusting people is never easy and Guanle was lucky enough to be trusted by his seniors, and he could also trust his followers. Only confident person could trust others and Guanle is one of these people. What impresses me most in Guanle is not about his ability, but his self-confidence and his confidence in others. I am also lucky enough to be trusted by him of letting me responsible for ICF, a challenging task which built a road to my SICA life. If it’s not because of him, I could not be the vice-president in this society which is occupied by so many talents. It’s him who discovered me and guided me to my presence. I want to thank him for giving me this chance and showing the meaning of “trust” in person.

Cathy, my boss in IR and a workmate in IR / HR as well, who told me the importance of forgiving and showed me the power of calm. I remember that there was a day when we were chatting in my room; she told that she was too mean to herself and to others in the past. Sometimes it is not necessary to request oneself to reach an extraordinary high standard. When you walk back a few steps, it may do well to you and to others as well. I don’t really understand what she meant at that time, but I am starting to realize the true meaning now. Cathy is a very good leader who knows how to treat everyone fairly. She could stand up for the people who are criticized by others and she could find out the weakness of the people who are being praised as legend. It’s a pity that I could not see her today on the OC. Hope she’s fine with everything right now and doesn’t put too much pressure on herself.

Malan, my boss when I become one of the BOEs, is also a person of legend. To say the truth, I don’t think her age is comparable to her mind. She is just so mature. As a president of SICA who influenced me most, the very important character she showed me was her ingenuity. When I worked with her, I had a strong feeling of entering into an adult world. She showed me how to think and how to deal with different matters. It’s really nice to have Malan as my boss. I really got a lot of insight from her.

Terry was the president of SICA while I was his vice (and Cathy and Jeremy too). To say the truth, we don’t cooperate well during our term. I believe it has something to do with our contradictory characters. Terry loves working alone while I love working together. It is quite strange that I do not familiar with him even after one year of working in the presidential board. But maybe that is him and that is his character. After all, SICA could overcome hard times under his leadership in this year. I believe, the Terry I know during this year is not the peak Terry. He is occupied by many other things that I don't know. Hopefully if I still have the chance later in my life, I could know him more and understand him more.

Yitong, the vice of guanle when I first came into the SICA family, is also a super-woman. I wonder if she needs to sleep or not. From Yitong, I could see the power of determination. You could be successful too if you are as determine as her. Once she realized her goal, she could reach it, no matter how hard it is. Although Yitong may not be a person who are extremely famous among the SICA members, but all the people who have ever worked with her would be inspired by her.

Fuxiao was the VP when I was a little SICAer. She is a person with inborn friendliness. I don’t really work with her in projects, but we seem to be very close. I don’t know how she is doing now. I think, she will be graduated from LSE in this coming June. Hope she could find a good job with a bright future.

Denglan is the only person in SICA BOE level who knows Cantonese! When I was a little SICAer, she told me a lot of SICA stories. I don’t know how she’s doing now. But from what I have heard from Molly several months ago, she is working in a famous law firm in BJ, so I guess she is fine too! I have to catch up with her before I leave PKU!

Okay, it’s time for the friends of my same year again.

Xiangyue is one of my department-mate (in PR) when we were in year 1. I don’t quite remember if I have work with her in any project, but Xiangyue always gives me a mature and feminine feeling. It’s a pity I have never worked with her in big projects. Hope the situation of her possible future company would be clear soon and she could get a nice position there!

Wenyu, wow, is the hip-hop boy with excellent American English. I still don’t understand why a local Chinese could manage to speak such fluent, no no, native English. As a science student, his knowledge about politics, culture and history is just amazing! It’s nice working with him when we were in IR / HR department. Now he is going to study MBA! I believe, a person with such a high ability would manage to do well in his future business life.

Chenxing is a very quiet SICAer in my mind. Her eyesight is very strong and this impresses me a lot. From her eye expression, I could see that she is also a very determine person. It’s pity that I don’t know her well enough. Maybe when she works in HK in the future, we could have more chances knowing each other. I am looking forward to that day.  

These people change me a lot over the past four years and I am also confident that I have changed their lives too. They are the talents of PKU. They are the crème of the top. I am really lucky to be able to know them, to work with them and to be friends with them. I am sure that some of my SICA friends could be my lifelong buddies. Everyone here opens our hearts and gives and receives. That’s the reason why I said these friendships are special. And because of SICA, we won’t lose our connection as our hearts are tightly tied together.

The four years of SICA life is wonderful. If it is not because of SICA, my PKU life would not be so fruitful. If it's not because of SICA, I won't love PKU as much as I do now. SICA is really a place that broadens my horizon. Every tiny thing we have done in the past years has been carved in my heart. These are my most precious memories and I would carefully save them as my special gifts. Because of all these, I am proud to tell others that I am a SICAer, I am a PKUer and I am a Chinese. I am proud to have so many wonderful friends who will surely be the leader in the future.

One thing I feel quite regretful in my years of SICA is that I could not hold a conference which truly belongs to PKUers. As the best university of this eastern rising dragon, it is our duty to arrange the world leaders of tomorrow to gather in PKU, discussing the world issues from the eye of China and Asia, and to speak out our voices on the world stage. Hopefully this task could be fulfilled by the future SICAers and I will definitely try my best to come back to SICA on that day when the conference is born. I know that this dream will be true on one day, as it’s just a matter of time and a matter of place.

In Jeremy's sms, he said, our time in SICA has ended and new life starts. Because of this message, my heart could truly realize that the four colorful years in SICA has passed finallyand they have all become my memories. I realise that these splendid times would never come back again. We are stepping to our future and preparing for our new lives. Everything starts all over again and everything has to be built all over again. Because of the experiences we had in these four years, I am not afraid of my future and I am confident of myself. Thank you SICA and friends!

Our time in SICA has ended. On this OC, I could see so many young and vivid new faces. They are the leaders tomorrow.  The stage of SICA belongs to all of them. When I participate in the China-US Relations Conference last October, those new bloods were just so talented. I trust them. I trust that they would be able to lead SICA into a brand new stage. I am sure that the tomorrow of SICA would be even more beautiful.

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